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Rust, the console version in the pipeline

These are golden days for Rust. Facepunch Studios' survival seems to have literally drunk an elixir of eternal youth by chance and suddenly found himself catapulted to the crest of the wave. It all started with a ...
PogChamp Twitch Gootecks ​​Washington Capitol Hill

The face of the PogChamp supports the attacks in Washington, Twitch removes the emoji

The tension in America is still high after the protests of the Pro-Trump voters that took place in front of the seat of the American parliament, which resulted in the occupation of the building and in various clashes with the police. The current situation ...

The US wants to make copyright infringement while streaming a criminal offense

Once a year comes the time when the US government is in danger of shutting down. It is the moment when Congress finds itself having to raise the spending ceiling of the state, in ...
twitch blind run tag

Twitch removes "Blind Run" tag

In Internet 2.0 it is difficult to please everyone, especially when you go beyond linguistic boundaries. A word can mean A for one person and B for another with the latter who may feel offended by its use. And ...
The controversy over the cinema of singleplayer played on youtube

La Polemica - singleplayer cinema played on YouTube

But do we want to talk about how singleplayer video games are perceived by general users? Now in the collective imagination a video game designed to be enjoyed alone must meet certain standards set by those 4/5 titles that ...
Copyright Twitch DMCA

Twitch will start buying licenses for songs to use in streams

After last month's gigantic copyright strike and subsequent apologies for it, Twitch is poised to improve the experience for both viewers and streamers, major victims of the DMCA. Inside a ...

GlitchCon will replace TwitchCon in San Diego 2020

The coronavirus caused the total cancellation of TwitchCon in San Diego, the most anticipated event by the community of the most watched video game streaming site in the world. But in its place, starting from ...

Twitch apologizes for the handling of DMCA notifications

Twitch was forced to post a statement regarding the wave of DMCA violation notifications it has received over the past year. The site apologized for the poor handling of the situation, but ...

The US Navy had plans to tackle Twitch chat

In July 2020 the US military had landed on Twitch with its own channel, causing several controversies. But it wasn't the bogus give-aways or the attempts to recruit kids that caught the attention of ...

The controversy of Alex Hutchinson's tweets on Twitch live copyright

It was predictable that Twitch's action against DMCA violations by streamers would cause mixed reactions. In addition to what we all could have expected, however, there has also been a less expected one, ...

It's not Twitch's fault that the copyright is wrong

Disclamer: This article is about copyright, but I haven't studied law. I have studied copyright, its history and the theory behind it, but I am not an expert in regulations ...

Twitch complied with the DMCA, thousands of videos deleted

After YouTube, Twitch has also decided to comply with the rules of the Digital Millennum Copyright Act. Amazon's platform complies with the demands of the music industry, and has removed videos in which audio appeared ...
Copyright Twitch DMCA

Twitch wants to make it easier for you to use copyrighted music

The internet and copyright laws never got along. The favorite battleground of these two worlds has been, since the days of Napster, music. Improper use of covered tracks ...

Twitch will introduce advertisements during live shows

With a tweet and a short article Twitch informed its users that during the month of September 2020 it will begin to experience automatic advertisements during the live shows, and not just before the start of ...

Ninja is back on Twitch

After the closure of Mixer and a brief visit to YouTube, the most famous streamer in the world returns to the platform that launched it. Ninja has signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Twitch. Was...

Baldur's Gate 3 will have Twitch integration

The return of the Baldur's Gate saga is approaching and slowly Larian Studios is revealing more and more details on the title heir to the great role-playing games of the last century. As per tradition ...

Mortal Kombat, released the first screenshots of the upcoming live-action film ...

In the past few hours Entertainment Weekly has released the first official images of the Mortal Kombat live-action film, due out on April 12 in ...

Bayonetta 3, Kamiya hopes to give updates in the course of 2021

Since the announcement at The Games Awards three years ago, no concrete update has ever been given regarding Bayonetta 3. The only ...

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