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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim arrives on Nintendo Switch

Yesterday it was officially announced that 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will also arrive on Nintendo Switch. The title developed by Vanillaware will be available on the console of the Grande N starting from 12 ...
Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo wants to "offer services that satisfy" subscribers to the Online service

Nintendo, with its Nintendo Switch Online service, is getting really good results. Over time, several historical titles originally released on the NES and SNES have been added as well as new games, such as ...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announces Switch OLED

The long-awaited news has finally arrived. The great absentee of the Nintendo conference in June comes a few weeks late. The new version of Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, will be available from 8 October ...
Miami Hotline Video Game Lab

A level of Hotline Miami has been recreated with Video Game Lab

Hotline Miami is available on Nintendo Switch, approx. If you want to play the very particular title of Dennaton Games you can do it thanks to the user yeddow333 who, using the new Nintendo game creation suite, Laboratory ...
Sky: Children of the Light

SGF 2021 - Sky: Children of the Light arrives on Nintendo Switch in late June

During the Summer Game Fest, the release date of Sky: Children of the Light on Nintendo Switch was revealed. The game will be released on June 29th. The game was originally released on iOS ...
Switch Pro

Switch Pro will arrive in September and will replace the previous version

Nintendo is ready to announce the improved version of the Switch. The new console will replace the current version, thus becoming the new standard for Nintendo hardware. Both Bloomberg and Eurogamer agree, citing inside sources, that the launch of ...

Valve is working on its own portable console

Valve would be working on another attempt to set foot in the hardware market. After Steam Machine, a project that did not have much luck, the creators of Steam will try to compete with Switch. The news...

Can Switch become a problem for Nintendo?

Nintendo is having a great time. Since the release of Switch, the company seems to have regained a place among the big names in video games, after the misstep of WiiU. The figures published in the latest annual report seem ...

Crash Bandicoot 4: it's About Time - Review (Nintendo Switch)

Crash and I have never had a good relationship. While in Italy almost everyone played (and rejoiced) for the graphic prowess of the first PlayStation (showing off many titles including, in fact, Crash Bandicoot), in parallel, ...
Monster Hunter Rse

Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on PC in 2022

As you may recall, a few months ago Capcom was hit by a ransomware attack that led to the disclosure of several documents that revealed Capcom's future publishing strategies of its ...

What if Nintendo did with the Switch what Apple did with the iPhone?

Three years have passed since the launch of the Switch, and the success of the Nintendo console has been devastating. To give an idea, despite the time that has passed since the debut, the Kyoto house still struggles to keep the ...

Nintendo censored a lot of controversial terms in the latest Switch update

Switch was undoubtedly a huge success. Despite the high number of sales from the console, however, Nintendo is always very careful to keep its content as suitable for everyone as possible. Politics and Pandemic Online ...

Nintendo would have asked the developers to prepare for 4K

According to some sources, Nintendo has asked developers currently working on the Switch to prepare their games for 4K.

The Fall Guys ports are not a priority

Fall Guys is definitely the game of the moment, but it remains a PC and PS4 exclusive at the moment. From the very first hour, however, rumors of possible ports circulated around the Mediatonic game, in particular for ...
Nintendo Direct Nintendo Switch

Rumor - There may be a new Nintendo Direct soon

Journalist Jeff Grubb said there should be a new Nintendo Direct later this month, although there is no official confirmation yet.
Hades Nintendo Switch SuperGiant Games

Nintendo Switch, the infographic with indie titles coming soon

Infographics are always welcome. Nintendo seems to have understood this by basing a good part of the marketing (at least that aimed at that type of user generally informed about the videogame sector) on them. Today...

Take-Two Interactive sued Hazelight over It ...

Let's go back to talking about It Takes Two, the puzzle platformer developed by the Hazelight team led by Josef Fares. The title came out on ...

Quake, Machine Games updates the game with a free Horde Mode ...

Last August Bethesda and Machine Games celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original Quake (released back in 1996) by proposing a release of the game ...

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