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Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season Pass V Twitch Eleven Winter Update

Street Fighter V - What will the Winter Update bring?

Yesterday Street Fighter V fans gathered around Capcom's social channels to watch the livestream dedicated to the developers' Winter Update, the first in 6 months and linked to upcoming updates, rebalancing and ...
Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season Pass V Twitch Eleven Winter Update

[UPDATED] A Twitch email spoils the latest character planned for Street Fighter V

Like every week, Twitch sends its users a small preview email for all the events scheduled for the week. Nothing special or worthy of a news right? Well, it seems that today the staff of the ...
Yoshinori Ono Street Fighter Capcom

Street Fighter - Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom

Yoshinori Ono has recently announced what Street Fighter fans did not want to hear: the director will leave his post within Capcom at the end of the summer. https://twitter.com/Yoshi_OnoChin/status/1292430444672163842 The news came directly from the Twitter account ...
Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season Pass V Twitch Eleven Winter Update

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition - Season Pass V announced

In the last hours Capcom has disclosed, during the last Summer Update, the contents of the next Season Pass for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEF9iAaS1Vg Symbolically called Season V, this new one will be released in late 2020 ...

Granblue Fantasy Versus - Review

I spent about 40 hours on the latest Arc System Works effort - and many more to follow - getting more passionate about 2D fighting games than ever before. I think I can safely say that I am ...

Street Fighter V: Capcom fixes the netcode

The Street Fighter V netcode is often the subject of heated criticism from players towards Capcom, even going so far as to develop real mods to be able to circumvent management bugs ...
Champion Edition

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition - Review

Street Fighter is one of those titles that takes you back in time. Although our country has not lived or matured, a real culture of arcade arcades, it cannot be said ...
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V, the PlayStation 4 version confused with the Nintendo Switch version

The official Twitter profile of EB Games Canada has announced in the past few hours the arrival on Nintendo Switch of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. This communication was not accompanied by any release date or price ...
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V free on PC for two weeks

Almost in response to the very recent release of Mortal Kombat 11, Capcom has decided to make its flagship fighting game, Street Fighter V, free-to-play for a limited time. The offer will be activated starting ...
Street Fighter V

Capcom responds to the criticism of Street Fighter V in-game ads

Street Fighter V recently introduced in-game advertisements, found within the loading screens, on character models and during the actual game. While such ads may be disabled, the ...
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V, in-game advertisements are coming soon

Capcom is introducing a new element within Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The publisher has announced that it will add optional "sponsored content" within the game starting December 11 in the form of advertisements, ...

Street Fighter V RedBull Kumite 2018: Respected Predictions for Fujimura!

It is the Japanese Fujimura to take home the € 6.000 prize for the winner of the Red Bull Kumite 2018, held in Paris this weekend! The tournament hosted 16 between ...
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V, a historical character returns

Sagat is finally coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The announcement was made during the EVO. The character is already available for purchase for $ 5.99 or for 100.000 Fight Money or you can still redeem it ...

Monster Hunter World meets Street Fighter

After Horizon Zero Dawn it is the turn of Street Fighter to set foot in the world of Monster Hunter World. In fact, if you are in possession of Street Fighter V and the data is in the system, going ...
Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter V become one thing

During the EVO Japan 2018 Capcom presented a new content for two flagship titles: Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter V. Through the trailer that you can see below the ...
Street Fighter V

A "pencil" mod for Street Fighter V

Over the years there have been many different fighting games but no one has ever had so much style as properly modified Street Fighter V. As you can see from the video below, the modder Nded ...

Stadia introduces timed demos

Google Stadia will begin experimenting with free timed demos on its store. These are 30-minute trials that will allow ...

Free is Beautiful - Dagon

Just in time for Halloween, GOG is giving its users a horror title. This is Dagon: by HP Lovecraft, a short narrative adventure ...

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