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the last of us part ii

Sony looking for leaks on The Last of Us Part 2

In the last few days The Last of Us Part 2 has been at the center of the hottest news. After his postponement to date, the gameplay of the latest Naughty Dog title seems to have been ...
Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR: postponed to a later date

These days, Sony is experiencing a real nightmare. The company not only found itself forced to postpone The Last of Us Part 2, but also Iron Man VR ...

The Last of Us Part II has been postponed to a later date

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced that The Last of Us Part II has been postponed to a date to be defined. This is the second postponement for the title, initially scheduled for February 21 ...

Sony and As Roma launch the eSport Fifa 20 club scouting challenge tournament

Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia is pleased to announce, thanks to the support of Electronic Arts and AS Roma, FIFA 20 PS4 Club Scouting Challenge, the eSports tournament organized by ESL Italia and entirely dedicated to ...

Sony: no postponement due to Coronavirus

Sony has released an update regarding the possible impact of Coronavirus on its business. As you can read in a note, the Japanese company does not foresee any kind of delay regarding the Game & Network Services segment ....
Final FAntasy VII PlayStation 4 Bundle

Final Fantasy VII, PlayStation 4 bundles announced in Japan

Square Enix focuses on Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be one of the flagship titles in the PlayStation 4 catalog for the current year. News arrives from the rising sun about some editions ...

PlayStation 5, Sony clarifies the backward compatibility issue

Hideaki Nishino of Sony's Platform Planning & Management division clarified the situation regarding the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 will be officially unveiled tomorrow by Mark Cerny

Sony, via a tweet on its profile, has announced that tomorrow it will be officially presented PlayStation 5 by the system architect Mark Cerny.
Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding, according to an insider the poor sales have led to differences between Sony ...

A well-known insider said that Death Stranding was a sales flop and this led to some discussions between Hideo Koijima and Sony.

Rumor - Sony working on the Silent Hill reboot

The Silent Hill saga has never been so close to being brought back to life, thanks to two projects behind which there would be the direction of Sony. For months now rumors have been chasing about ...

Don't expect too many PS4 exclusives on PC

Despite recent announcements of the portals of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding on PC, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Herman Hulst has pointed out that this will not be the rule. The...

Horizon Zero Dawn: PC port confirmed

Many were waiting for her, and confirmation has finally arrived: Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive on PC this summer. To confirm it was Sony in person by opening the page dedicated to the title on Steam, the store ...

Ovosonico: "Playstation will become a streaming platform"

Although Playstation 5 is still far from the shelves, the founder of Ovosonico, Massimo Guarini, begins to look to the future not only of the Sony brand, but also of the entire gaming industry. Through an interview on the Wccftech website ...
Martha is Dead Thumbnail

Martha is Dead: the developer appreciates PS5

PS5 hasn't hit the shelves yet, but it seems to have made quite a few people happy. The LKA team, responsible for the development of the horror game Martha is Dead, has in fact appreciated the ...
Xbox Series S and PS5

Rumor - Next Gen: Do PS5 and Xbox Series X use the same AMD architecture?

AMD has recently concluded its briefing with industry analysts and as usual, there is no shortage of various rumors and news to be picked up on the new types of ...
MediEvil 2

MediEvil 2 Remake is not in development, confirmation arrives

In 2019, Sony dusted off and brought back to the shelves MediEvil, the great PS1 classic, thanks to the restoration work carried out by Other Ocean Emeryville. Fans of the series welcomed the title with much ...

Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on PC on August 7th

It's official: the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn will see the light on August 7th. The Guerrilla title will arrive on digital platforms with the ...

The Settlers postponed indefinitely

After so many hopes and so many silences, yet another blow comes for fans of the old-fashioned real-time strategic games: The Settlers was ...

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