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Pokemon Go was released 5 years ago

On June 6, 2016 Pokemon Go was released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. To get to Italy, Niantic's game would have taken another month and a half, but already ...
Xerneas Yveltal Pokémon XY Go Niantic

Xerneas and Yveltal arrive on Pokémon GO via a new event

Niantic has recently announced the latest news on the upcoming updates of Pokémon Go, the app that allows you to enter the world of pocket monsters through augmented reality. The game currently hosts most of the ...
Pikmin AR Niantic Augmented Reality Nintendo

Pikmin AR - Niantic has opened the testing phase in Singapore

Pikmin AR was announced a few days ago, but Niantic is already working on opening the servers for beta testing. The first test phase of the latest game from the Pokémon GO developers is already ...
Pikmin AR Niantic Augmented Reality Nintendo

Pikmin, the augmented reality app developed by Niantic arrives

Pikmin will arrive on smartphones in the form of an augmented reality app. The development studio is the same as Pokémon GO, Niantic. The videogame series made in Nintendo will land on Android and iOS devices, but ...

Pokémon GO: Mr. Mime di Galar and Mr. Rime coming, but for a fee

Pokémon GO will soon make available Mr Mime di Galar and Mr. Rime, but only through a special paid event. Niantic has in fact announced that, to take the two Pokémon home, it will be necessary to participate ...

Pokémon GO, the Pokémon of Kalos arrive

Pokémon GO from today will see the arrival of the Kalos monsters thanks to a themed event. What does this update consist of? The sixth generation is introduced today on Pokémon GO thanks to ...
Pokémon HOME Gamefreak Pokémon GO Niantic

Pokémon GO, it is now possible to transfer to Pokémon Home

The much-needed transfer function between Pokémon GO and Pokémon Home has finally been inserted by the developers in the past few hours. The possibility of connecting the two applications has therefore arrived. Players of all ...

Niantic wants to use Pokemon Go to help small shops

Throughout last spring, the lockdown put a strain on many businesses. A forced closure of months can be disastrous for those who have a small business like a bar or a ...

Pokemon Go: Raid from home starts

Niantic has decided to meet the needs of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. From today, April 28, it is possible to Raid Pokemon Go from home, thanks to the remote Raid function. THE...
Pokémon GO: The legendary debut was a disaster

Pokémon GO, a man leaves home despite the coronavirus directives and is ...

A thirty-one-year-old man from Como had left the house to play Pokémon GO, but was stopped by the police and fined.
Etika - Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, Etika's memorial becomes a Pokéstop

The sudden and sad death of Desmond “Etika” Amofah, a YouTube star adored and followed by hundreds of thousands of people, was an event that marked the history of the platform. Last...

Pokémon GO, the event dedicated to the Lunar New Year begins

Pokémon GO will soon celebrate the Lunar New Year, and will do so by dyeing red. Are you ready to welcome the Year of the Rat? Niantic, the well-known developer behind Pokémon GO, has released ...
Pokemon go

Pokémon GO never so good: in 2019 revenues close to 900 million dollars

Pokémon GO's revenues in 2019 have been the highest ever since the game hit iOS and Android devices.
Niantic and Qualcomm

Niantic and Qualcomm come together to create AR glasses

The creators of Pokemon Go and Qualcomm have decided to join forces to produce augmented reality glasses. So the two companies have formalized their union to build AR glasses ...

Microsoft, Sony and Google team up to tackle the climate crisis

The climate crisis is inevitably one of the central themes of the current era, an alarm that we can no longer ignore and today some of the most important giants linked to the world of video games are formally lined up ...

One Piece invades Pokémon GO, a dedicated event coming

Niantic has announced that, only in Japanese territory, there will soon be an event in Pokémon GO dedicated to the famous manga and anime One Piece.

Tom Clancy's XDefiant, first game maps shown

With a video posted on its official Youtube channel, Ubisoft showed a couple of game maps of Tom Clancy's XDefiant, arena shooter ...

Blizzard admits that Afrasiabi was fired due to the harassment

Alex Afrasiabi's name is the only one to appear, along with that of President J. Allen Brack, in the lawsuit that the state of California ...

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