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Nintendo Switch Units Sold Animal Crossing Sales 2020 Financial Results

Nintendo Switch officially surpasses the NES reaching over 68 million units sold

In the past few hours, Nintendo has published a new financial report for shareholders, announcing the latest results achieved by the company in the field of earnings. One of the most impressive news that emerges from the report is certainly that ...

LEGO - Novelty Set August 2020

August is approaching and with it also the news in the LEGO field. We leave you with a list with all the sets that will be released on August 1, 2020 divided by theme. LEGO® Super Mario ™ First Wave of ...

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System ™ announced

Lego has just made official the rumors and leaks that have been shot in recent days. Set 71374 will be the Nintendo Entertainment System ™ for the LEGO® Super Mario ™ series. The set will be released on 1 August 2020 ...

LEGO NES, a new Nintendo set with pictures, release date and price

Some photos of an unannounced LEGO set have appeared on the internet, namely the LEGO NES, a collector's piece that already has a launch date and price.
Nintendo Switch Online SNES NES Catalog

Nintendo Switch Online - Here are the games coming for the month of July

The online catalog dedicated to SNES and NES titles available through the Nintendo Switch Online subscription is updated with three new titles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hf_0OytL_c Let's start with the big shot: Donkey Kong Country, the immortal platform developed by ...
3DSen Nintendo NES Emulator

3DSen - A 3D emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System

If you thought that the emulation of the NES, the first and historic Nintendo console could not develop further, 3DSen arrives on Steam, an emulator that will convert games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda ...
Donkey Kong Thumbnail NES Nintendo Arcade Twitch

Donkey Kong - World record live on Twitch

Despite its seniority, the arcade title Donkey Kong for cabinets and NES continues to get support from the community, which still sets record after record, coming to the enterprise of Robbie Lakeman, who during ...
Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online, the NES and SNES libraries are enriched

Four new titles will join the lineup of games included with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 3 of these will be dedicated to the SNES library, while only one for NES. THE...

Nintendo Switch Online: the NES / SNES catalog is updated ... little

The Nintendo Switch Online retrogaming service, which offers its subscribers a selection of titles that have appeared on NES and SNES, is updated for the month of February bringing new titles ... but the community ...

Nintendo Switch Online, 6 games coming soon

The retrogaming service associated with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription has been a bit lacking in recent months, not to mention nearly flat. Fortunately, with the new update it seems things must change since ...
Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online, NES and SNES games will no longer run monthly

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch Online service subscribers finally got access to SNES games on the Nintendo Switch, although there is a problem. Nintendo has in fact announced that it has stopped the ...

Attempted bank robbery with the NES Zapper

Ah, but it's not Lercio. This time the news of the day comes from the town of Hermosillo, Mexico, where a man has attempted a bank robbery using the Nes Zapper gun! In accordance to...

Is Nintendo Switch Online the new Virtual Console? Reggie Fils-Aime gives some clues

The Virtual Console, starting from Wii, has allowed millions of players to be able to put their hands (virtually, in fact) on many NECA, SNES and N64 softeca classics, which continued on Nintendo Wii ...

NES Emulator for Gamecube hidden for 20 years

20 years: it took so long to discover that a fully functional NES emulator was hidden inside Animal Crossing for Gamecube. If you are one of the lucky owners of the Nintendo Cube, you have probably played ...

The new frontiers of drug transport

Some of you will rightly think: what does We talk about videogames have to do with drug transport? Read the following anecdote. A retro-gamer collector, Julian Turner, returning from a visit to a flea market where he could ...

A new game for NES to celebrate Finland

A hundred years ago Finland managed to gain independence from Russia. To celebrate the event, a small team of developers created a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Perkele! Suomi 100 Vuotta, to be ...

Twitch will broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

We are approaching one of the most anticipated (and unfortunately postponed) sporting events of the year: the 32nd edition of the Tokyo Olympic Games will begin on 23 July 2021 ...

Apex Legends, a bug can make you start without teammates

A particularly serious bug in Apex Legends can cause you to start the game without any allies even if you have selected the trio, duet or ...

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