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Xbox Vice President: "We've always sold our consoles at a loss"

Let's go back to the Epic vs Apple case. During the hearing between the two giants, Epic's lawyer Wes Earnhardt called Xbox Vice President Lori Wright to testify, asking her some questions related to earnings ...

The new Fable for next-gen will use the ForzaTech Engine

Last summer Microsoft and Playground Games had shown the first reveal trailer of the new chapter of Fable, but however, since then the project has been somewhat lost track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVkSZXPklQ4&ab_channel=Xbox Until today ...

The Last of Us Part 2 breaks into Microsoft's heart

Let's go back to talking about the Epic vs Apple case, without, however, talking about the two protagonists. In fact, in recent days, several documents filed by Microsoft have appeared on the internet, the company calls into question in support ...
Microsoft products

Microsoft has lowered the percentage withheld on video game sales in its store

In the recent GDC State of the Game Industry survey, in which over 3000 developers were interviewed, one of the figures that emerged was the widespread discontent with the percentage that Steam and other stores ...
The Mandalorian

Rumor - Microsoft is developing a game on The Mandalorian

As reported on Twitter by a Microsoft insider, one of the company's first-party studios is working on a video game inspired by the TV series The Mandalorian. The series set in the world of Star Wars has ...

Xbox, division revenue increases by 50%

In addition to Sony, Microsoft has also published some interesting numbers relating to the performance of Xbox. The data collected indicate that the gaming division of the Redmond house is in significant growth, with revenues that in the ...

Minecraft has sold over a billion mods

Microsoft has published its latest financial results, among which, in addition to the astronomical net revenues (15 billion dollars), a particular figure related to Minecraft stands out. Ever since the game went under the ...
Microsoft products

Microsoft is building England's fastest supercomputer, fully powered by renewable sources

The Met Office, the agency responsible for all UK weather needs, is partnering with Microsoft to build England's fastest supercomputer. The company says it will serve to provide models and ...
Xbox Game Pass at 1 euro

Xbox Game Pass rises to 23 million subscribers

The success of Xbox Game Pass seems to be going well, with an ever-increasing number of subscribers. According to Jez Corden, a historically very informed Windows Central journalist on ...
Microsoft Flight Simulator DirectX 12

DirectX 12 - Microsoft working to improve the developer experience

Microsoft is not only Xbox, on the PC platform the Redmond house also represents the DirectX graphics libraries, a fundamental component for any player and which in the latest version (DirectX 12 Ultimate) continues to be perfected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvIXvF6r--A&pp=qAMBugMGCgJpdBAB On the day of ...

Discord turned down Microsoft's takeover offer

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on April 20, 2021, Discord rejected the takeover offer made by Microsoft in late March. It was the Wall Street Journal itself that gave first ...

xCloud arrives on PC and iOS in Closed Beta

xCloud, an Xbox streaming game service, is ready to land on PC and iOS: a first phase of Closed Beta will start tomorrow, April 20th. The service, reachable from the appropriate link, will be ...
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator, published the update dedicated to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been enhanced with another World Update dedicated to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. World Update 4 can be downloaded for free from the in-game marketplace. Paris and Amsterdam are now made ...
Xbox Game Pass Mobile Touch Controls

Xbox Game Pass - Added support for touch controls on the phone

Xbox Game Pass opened its doors to cloud gaming on mobile platforms last September 2020, however this feature could be exploited by connecting a controller to your smartphone, thus making it an experience not ...

Xbox Game Pass, GTA 5 enters the catalog

After the announcement of the arrival of Marvel's Avengers and Borderlands 3 on Playstation Now, Xbox Game Pass immediately responds to the fire with the list of games that will join the service in the month of ...
Xbox 360 Game Pass Ultimate xCloud Microsoft backward compatibility

Xbox Cloud Gaming: Added new Xbox 360 titles via backward compatibility

While Sony and PlayStation close the stores of their old platforms, Microsoft and Xbox seem willing to invest in videogame preservation through their subscription services. The green team has in fact announced the arrival of ...

Can Switch become a problem for Nintendo?

Nintendo is having a great time. Since the release of Switch, the company seems to have regained a place among the big names in video games, after the step ...

Sony sued for digital "monopoly"

Two years ago, Sony stopped selling download codes for its games at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Now...

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