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Intel - Leaked the benchmarks of the new i9-10900K

TechRadar, a well-known newspaper in the technology sector, did not resist the temptation and decided to leak the benchmarks dedicated to the Gaming of the new high-end Intel i9-10900K CPUs (equipped with Comet Lake architecture), in ...

Prince of Persia - Leaked the gameplay of a canceled project

As many of you know, the Assassin's Creed saga was born from the ashes (and a demo) of the Prince of Persia saga, abandoned by Ubisoft after an attempt to reboot the brand in 2008 ....

The Last of Us 2, the leaker is not dependent on Sony or Naughty Dog

Unlike what has emerged in recent days, the leaker who has disclosed various parts of The Last of Us 2 on the web is not an employee of Sony, much less of Naughty ...

GTA VI, Rockstar Games at work since 2014 on a huge map

A new rumor regarding GTA VI has emerged in these last hours from the same insider who anticipated the resignation of Dan Houser from Rockstar Games. According to new information, in stark contrast to what was disclosed ...
Animal Crossing New Horizons Anniversary Nintendo Switch Update Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, works of art and diving discovered by dataminers

It would appear that some dataminers have been able to find the next features and content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These features would already be present in the code, but not yet included in ...
Starfield Leak Bethesda Xbox PC

Starfield, the introductory sequence may have been leaked

During these hours, an alleged stolen video of Starfield's introductory sequence appeared online. The video is taken off screen (thus obtained by filming the screen) and shows what could be ...
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5, the leaked ignition sequence is fake

PlayStation 5 is highly anticipated and this can lead to the creation of some fake, in this case we are talking about the ignition sequence of the alleged console. If you weren't aware of this video, better this way, ...
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X, leak reveals the back of the console

According to what emerged from a post by NeoGaf user, there seem to be some photos depicting the back of the new Microsoft flagship, Xbox Series X. The images should unfortunately only show ...

Sonic the Hedgehog, the new design is shown again in photos

On the web a new image has been published, unofficially, which portrays the retouched model of Sonic the Hedgehog, protagonist of the homonymous film.

Diablo IV - All the artbook pages revealed

There's no two without three. Or without IV, in this case. The much talked about artbook "The Art of Diablo" which in recent days has made headlines for the leaks on the fourth chapter of the ...

The Last of Us 2, the alleged release date leaked online

The Last of Us 2, the highly anticipated action game from Naughty Dog and the sequel to the adventures of Joel and Ellie that have conquered PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players since 2013, ...

Overwatch for Switch, a leak gives hope

On Monday, a Nintendo Switch case appeared on Amazon with the classic black and orange colors and the Overwatch logo. Even though the page was quickly deleted, whoever managed to read ...
Borderlands 3 a leak reveals the gameplay

Borderlands 3, a leak shows the gameplay in advance

Borderlands 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated games of this period and the hunt for clues or spoilers on the new chapter of the saga continues unabated. As we previously revealed, Gearbox Software has planned ...

PlayStation 5, a developer would have released details on the price and features

A user who claims to be a developer working on PlayStation 5 has released some details about what the new Sony console should be.
First image from the Sonic film.

Leak from the movie Sonic: the Hedgehog!

Leak from the movie Sonic: the Hedgehog appeared online on the Twitter account of the fandom community TailsChannel. This is a leak from a promotional clip. The frame leaked on the net, shows the level of ...

Apex Legends: Leak unveils Octane and Battle Pass date?

 Next week could be very promising for EA's newcomer, who immediately gave up the much-criticized Fortnite of Epic Games. In recent days, in fact, on ...

Battlefield 2042 has been postponed to November 19th

Let's go back to Battlefield 2042. After the presentation of the latest EA Play, the new chapter of the DICE shooter series seemed to have disappeared from ...

Confirmed the release date of the second chapter of Deltarune

In the last few hours, the sixth anniversary of the release of Undertale has been celebrated, the indie title that has shaken the videogame market and generated ...

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