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Doom Mod Wad National Videogame Museum

DOOM - National Videogame Museum recreated

One of the features that made DOOM and Id Software lucky in 1993 is the total openness of the software to the modders community. Over the years, you have surely found hundreds of files ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal - id Software removes the Anti-Cheat Denuvo

Recently, the latest Doom Eternal update had caused quite a few problems for PC gamers. Through the introduction of Denuvo Anti-Cheat, Bethesda and id Software have found hundreds of complaints and reviews in their hands ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal - The latest PC update introduces Denuvo Anti-Cheat

Recently, Doom Eternal has received a new update on PC to counter the phenomenon of cheaters in online modes. The problem: this solution seems to reside in the new Anti-Cheat Denuvo, created by Irdeto and which has divided the ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal, the next update will introduce the "Empowered Demons"

In the past few hours Bethesda and id Software have announced a new feature that will be introduced with the next update in Doom Eternal. The first major patch of the title will introduce the so-called "Empowered Demons" that will work ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal - An Easter Egg found inside the Soundtrack

In the last few days Bethesda has released the Original Soundtrack of Doom Eternal. The community will therefore be able to fully enjoy the pure metal-style tracks composed by Mick Gordon ... and maybe something more. It seems in fact ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal - Speedrunner ends the game in 27 minutes

The Speedrunner community is finding a showcase for its players in IGN. The popular news platform has indeed released the latest episode of their Developers React series in which a group from the ...

DOOM Eternal, new objects available with Coffee and Camouflage

Bethesda has formalized the launch of Series 2 of DOOM Eterneal. Caffè e Mimetica, this is the name of the event chosen by the developers, offers players several new aesthetic contents by playing the various modes of the title ...

Doom Eternal and the broken records

The success obtained by Doom Eternal in these first days of official distribution is staggering the whole videogame scene, including Bethesda. The publisher took the opportunity to praise the results obtained ...
DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal, a speedrunner managed to complete the game in less than an hour

Not even a week has passed since Bethesda and id Software released Doom Eternal, and there are already those who can finish the game in less than an hour. The user "Distortion2" has in fact managed to ...

Doom Eternal - Review

"And I saw a beast come up from the sea that had ten horns and seven heads, and on the horns ten tiaras and on each head it was written: Doom Eternal is a c *** o cool." Forgive the introduction ...

DOOM Eternal on Google Stadia will not shoot in real 4K as initially stated

Bethesda has announced that DOOM Eternal will not shoot native 4K on Google Stadia, despite initially being declared that way.

Doom Eternal will run at 60 frames per second even on consoles

In the past few hours Billy Khan, lead engine programmer for id Software, has confirmed that Doom Eternal will also run at 60fps on consoles. As for the previous chapter released in 2016 id Software therefore wanted to focus ...

Doom Eternal: 2vs1 multiplayer shows itself in gameplay

Just over a month is left before the release of Doom Eternal, the last chapter of the historical series of old-school shooter by id Software and sequel to that Doom 2016 that brought the genre to the attention of ...

DOOM Eternal will be free of microtransactions

DOOM Eternal Game Director, Hugo Martin, confirmed the total absence of microtransactions within the game. Just in these hours the developer, in response to a fan who was wondering about the matter ...

DOOM Eternal will arrive late on Nintendo Switch, but not by much

Marty Stratton of id Software has said that DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch will come out later than other versions, but not by much.

DOOM Eternal: a new trailer is coming tomorrow

In the past few hours Bethesda has announced through its official Twitter profile that a new trailer for DOOM Eternal is coming up tomorrow. There wasn't much news about the game from ...

State of Play - Braid remake announced

Braid, the legendary indie title developed by Thekla Inc. will return through a new remake, announced during the latest State of Play. https://youtu.be/Cf9A1QPG_yc Released in 2008, the title ...

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Debuts a New Style of ...

SANTA MONICA, Calif .-- (BUSINESS WIRE) - # CrashBandicoot - Crash Bandicoot is back and going all-new in Crash Bandicoot ™ 4: It's About Time ™. Debuted today during PlayStation's “State of Play” ...

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