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Atari Free to Play Premium

Atari changes strategy: goodbye to Free-to-Play games

It seems to be back in the 70s, with an Atari in full creative explosion. In addition to the announcement and release of the Atari VCS console / computer and the licensing of its name for the creation of ...
Ubisoft Riders Republic Rainbow Six Extraction Referral

Ubisoft will start focusing on Free-To-Play titles

With the announcement of the new Free-to-Play Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland, Ubisoft is ready to begin a change of direction towards a more active investment in the field of free games. This was announced by the financial director of ...

Xbox Live Gold is no longer required to play free to play

They promised and they did: Xbox Live Gold is no longer needed to play free to play titles on Microsoft consoles. The anticipation had already arrived on the occasion of the cancellation of the increase ...
Artifact Valve Steam Free to Play

Artifact - Valve makes it Free-to-Play and ends development

Valve has announced - through a new post on the official Steam blog - the end of the development of Artifact, the controversial digital card game set in the world of Dota 2 released in 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = od5XamlmNxQ Just ...
Ubisoft Riders Republic Rainbow Six Extraction Referral

Ubisoft intends to invest in free-to-play

Despite the usual and innumerable criticisms, Ubisoft is one of the companies in the videogame sector able to shift more balance. The French software house works on a huge range of projects, almost always from ...

Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft's turnaround: no increase and free to play without subscription

Counter-order comrades. Microsoft thinks about it and a few hours after the announcement of a price increase for the Xbox Live Gold, not only takes a step backwards, but reveals what will certainly be a welcome novelty: not ...

Metin2, the new Conquerors of Yohara expansion is coming

Games belonging to the MMORPG genre are usually very long-lived. Metin2, after 16 years of honored career, is preparing to receive yet another new expansion. The new contents dedicated to one of the precursors of the system ...

Spellbreak will have cross-platform progression

Spellbreak, a new battle royale title based on the use of magic, promise to break down yet another wall between the platforms currently on the market. Through a dedicated trailer, the developers have announced that the progress made in the game ...

Ninjala - Review

In an increasingly saturated market of titles devoted to online multiplayer, it is always nice to see a production that tries to stand out in this area. Despite some post reveal trailer statements, dating back to ...

Ninjala has been delayed because of the coronavirus

Through a post on social networks, the team behind the development of Ninjala announced the postponement of the free-to-play title due to the coronavirus.

Monopoly becomes free to play throughout the week

Approaching board games in this period of quarantine is not very simple. There are more or less valid alternatives on the web, which unfortunately are not known by everyone. Today, however, there ...
co-op online

Online co-op games, 5 more titles to spend quarantine with

We are now about to reach the first month of quarantine dictated by the COVID-19 emergency. A few weeks ago I brought you 5 co-op titles to spend time playing online with your friends, but I think ...
Call of Duty Activision Cheat

Call of Duty: Battle Royale Free to Play, the official comes

After the leaks that resulted in the internet during the morning, the official Warzone, the (free) Battle Royale version of Call of Duty, comes directly from Activision. Call of Duty gets bigger, crazier today ...

Warface arrives on Nintendo Switch, even the hybrid console has its Call of ...

The free-to-play FPS Warface has been released on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which brings CoD lovers a similar experience on the hybrid console.

Hearthstone: The Awakening of Galakrond - Review

Over the past four weeks, starting January 21 through February 11, Blizzard has released a new single player adventure for Hearthstone, Galakrond's Awakening. A necessary premise. I've been playing Hearthstone for more ...

Warner Bros, new study for mobile games

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has opened a new development studio in San Diego that will have as its main focus the development of games for the free-to-play mobile market. The new studio will be called WB Games ...

Call of Duty: Vanguard, the beta will be open and free for ...

Activision-Blizzard has had a pretty confusing schedule regarding beta weekends for Call of Duty: Vanguard, however during this weekend, ...

Free is Beautiful - Speed ​​Brawl, Tharsis & The Escapists

Today is Thursday and like every week it is time to immerse ourselves in the free news offered by the Epic Games Store. This week, the site ...

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