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Anyone who blames video games for network congestion is an idiot

This period could be called the period of renunciations. Many of us, students, workers, parents and many others, try to move on with our lives even in the Coronavirus emergency. We give up going out ...

Playing Fortnite with a controller is like using cheats, according to Ninja

Ninja, Fortnite's most popular streamer, said playing the Epic title on a controller is like using an aimbot.
Free is beautiful 3d models

Free is Beautiful - 3D models for everyone!

We know, with the Coronavirus emergency and the invitation to stay at home, the days can be monotonous and boring without the right entertainment. Productivity can also be stressful, if you are not among the few ...

Fortnite in Italy has seen a huge increase in players due to the coronavirus

Telecom said that with the start of the quarantine in Italy, network traffic has increased a lot, mainly due to games like Fortnite.
Fortnite Jenga

Fortnite, the themed Jenga is coming

Fortnite is now a custom phenomenon. The video game developed by Epic Games breaks every record month after month. these results physiognomically lead to a truly notorious market of merchandising and licensed products ....
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Growth in revenues for PUBG

Although the battle royale genre is evidently in a downward trend, one of the three main competitors has seen its revenues growing and, somewhat surprisingly, it is PUBG. The title of ...

Fortnite, the new season will bring some changes to the Team Brawl mode

Fortnite's 20 vs 20 Team Brawl mode will receive some changes with the release of Season 2 of Chapter 2 scheduled for tomorrow. In detail: All weapons will have Rare rarities, ...

He just wanted to play video games: a man disappears for a month and a half

A man locked himself up for forty-five days in a hotel room to play Call of Dury and Fortnite without anyone disturbing him.

Mixer paid Ninja between $ 20 and $ 30 million

In August 2019 the well-known streamer Tyler Blevins (known as Ninja) signed an exclusive contract with Mixer, leaving Twitch and bringing his huge audience with him. It was clear that Microsoft had paid ...

Fortnite, Season 2 date leaked

This first season of opening the new chapter of Fortnite has certainly been very long-lived. Epic Games has announced in recent days the end of the current season, set for the first of February, but ...

Fortnite and Ninja increasingly united: the streamer now has its own skin in the ...

The famous Ninja streamer now has its own skin that can be purchased from the store within the game that made it so popular, Fortnite.

League of Legends recovers from Fortnite the most viewed game throne on ...

League of Legends is now more than just a video game, and although many users have a relationship of hate and love with the title, Riot Games' MOBA has become a real ...

Ninja explains why he chose Fortnite rather than Apex Legends

Ninja, one of the most famous streamer in the world, explained the reasons that led him to devote himself to Fortnite rather than Apex Legends.

Twitch, pro player suspended for streaming with a user banned for life

The Fortnite Clix pro player was suspended by Twitch for streaming in the company of a user previously banned for life from the platform.

Warner Bros and Epic Games launch Fortnite: Dark Fire Bundle

Warner Bros Entertainment and Epic Games, have announced that a new package of content on Fortnite with 13 new objects is available today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGBhLvpNgQ0&feature=youtu.be Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games announced today ...

Fortnite, Lady Gaga unleashes the web with tweets

Nice tweet exchange between Lady Gaga and some VIPs, including Ninja, after a series of answers triggered by the singer's question "What's fortnight"

State-of-the-art Photography Results and Immersive AR Experiences: Infineon and pmd Offer ...

MUNICH - (BUSINESS WIRE) - # 3D - Gaming, virtual e-Commerce, 3D online education: Augmented Reality (AR) applications with three-dimensional depth sensors link the real with the digital world and are ...

Cyberpunk 2077 postponed to December 10

Yet another bad news for CD Projekt Red fans. With a now familiar image with a yellow background and black text posted on your ...

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