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Fall Guys Season 2 Mediatonic Xbox CrossPlay

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - The release on Switch and Xbox has been postponed, but ...

Despite what was announced in February, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will not arrive on Nintendo Switch and Xbox by the end of the summer. To announce the postponement of the ports for the most popular battle royale of 2020 is ...
Mediatonic Fall Guys Epic Games

Mediatonic joins the Epic Games family

Like a bolt from the blue, Epic Games has recently announced the acquisition of Mediatonic, the UK-based developer behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUK4is4QweM Subsequently, the developer has published a page dedicated to the most popular FAQ on the subject. Basically, Epic Games ...
Fall Guys

Fall Guys, Cuphead and Mugman skins coming this week

In the last few minutes Mediatonic announced on the official Fall Guys Twitter profile that during this week the skins dedicated to Cuphead and Mugman, characters who have become ...
Fall Guys

Fall Guys coming to Xbox

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the original Takeshi's Castle-style battle royale developed by Mediatonic, will arrive on Xbox One and Series X | S this summer. The announcement was made through the game's official Twitter account with a cute ...
Fall Guys Devolver Digital Mediatonic

Nintendo Direct - Fall Guys coming to Switch this summer

During the Nintendo Direct tonight it was finally announced the arrival of Fall Guys also on Nintendo Switch. The party game, which has depopulated on Twitch, can now also entertain the owners ...
Fall Guys Season 2 Gamescom

Fall Guys may soon land on the Xbox Game Pass catalog

In the past few hours, the official Fall Guys Twitter account may have launched a clue on the possible arrival of the title in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. https://twitter.com/FallGuysGame/status/1348930491483910144 The "Can I play" reply to the Xbox UK tweet ...
Fall Guys Season 2 Mediatonic Xbox CrossPlay

After the success of Fall Guys, Mediatonic opens a new studio

After the media success created by Fall Guys - before the renaissance of Among Us - Mediatonic seeks to expand, opening a new studio in Leamington, UK and which will add to the studios already ...
Fall Guys Season 2 Mediatonic Xbox CrossPlay

Fall Guys: Season 2 launch date announced

It's official: the first "competitive" season of Fall Guys, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital's zany battle royale, will end on October 8, 2020 and will immediately give space to the long-awaited Season 2, in full medieval style. https://twitter.com/FallGuysGame/status/1312029571089301505?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1312029571089301505%7Ctwgr%5%3Ctwcamp% season-has-a-release-date-and-double-fame-starts-on-monday% 3F Announcement is ...
Fall Guys Devolver Digital Mediatonic

Disturbing anatomy of Fall Guys characters revealed

The lore of Fall Guys, the successful battle royale developed by Mediatonic, has always been dark and unhappy in contrast to the playful and colorful tones of the game. In the past few weeks, the ...
Among Us Fall Guys

Fall Guys and Among Us, stories and reasons for two unexpected successes

This 2020 has been an unpredictable year, from every point of view. Also with regard to video games. Probably if someone had described the current situation to you in January, you would have laughed in his face ....
Fall Guys

Fall Guys, the rise and fall of Cheater Island

Any PC game can be targeted by cheaters. But when it comes to a single winner race like Fall Guys, it gets even more frustrating. When in the first ...
Fall Guys China Mobile Mediatonic Devolver Digital

Fall Guys, in the next update the title will finally receive an anti-cheat system

In the past few hours Mediatonic, the development studio behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has finally officially announced the arrival of an anti-cheat system on the popular party game. The cheater problem on Fall Guys, especially on ...
Fall Guys China Mobile Mediatonic Devolver Digital

Fall Guys, a huge hammer called Big Yeetus will appear in games soon

In the past few hours, the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have unveiled a small news coming to the colorful and popular party game. The new addition to the minigames will be the so-called Big Yeetus, a huge ...

The Fall Guys ports are not a priority

Fall Guys is definitely the game of the moment, but it remains a PC and PS4 exclusive at the moment. From the very first hour, however, rumors of possible ports circulated around the Mediatonic game, in particular for ...
Fall Guys Season 2 Gamescom

gamescom 2020 - Fall Guys Season 2 announced

Fall Guys is currently one of the most popular titles among streamers and gamers, who are already clamoring for the announcement of the next season. Announcement that was not long in coming, and that he used ...
Fall Guys Season 2 Gamescom

Fall Guys disabled Steam Family Sharing due to cheaters

Despite the extraordinary popularity achieved by the game in recent weeks, Fall Guys seemed to have saved itself from the wave of cheaters that often hit the so famous games. However, some cases of cheats have still been reported, ...

Free is Beautiful - Hell is Other Demons & Overcooked 2

Like every week (perhaps with some delay), Free is Beautiful takes you into the world of free offers from the Epic Games Store. This week the ...

Abandoned and Hideo Kojima, the mystery deepens

Over the last few days a real hunt for the clue has started against Abandoned, an indie game presented for PS5 with ...

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