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The Cologne Film Festival awards Hideo Kojima

The Cologne Film Festival gives Hideo Kojima the prestigious Cologne Creative Award, an award designed to "honor a personality that helps define the future of audiovisual narration in a creative and ...

Death Stranding, announced the new PlayStation 4 Pro in Limited Edition

During the State of Play conference of last September 24 Sony presented a special version of PlayStation 4 Pro dedicated to the latest and imminent work by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding. The Limited Edition ...
Kojima Productions

Death Stranding, incorrect tweet translations cause problems for Kojima

The worldwide popularity of Hideo Kojima cannot be questioned. For this reason the creator is often in the position of having to communicate with his fans both in Japanese, his native language, ...

Death Stranding - Sequels may be necessary, according to Kojima

The release of Death Stranding on PS4 is scheduled for November 8. Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima told his story about some themes of the game and his personal projects. According to the words of the Japanese designer, "Death ...
Death Stranding

Death Stranding, the new trailer shows the player's base

After the first trailer of 49 minutes published on the Tokyo Game Show, Death Stranding returns to show itself with a new video of half an hour. The gameplay of 34 minutes focused mainly on that ...
Death Stranding

TGS: Death Stranding shows itself in a long gameplay video

One of the undisputed protagonists of this fall, willy-nilly, will surely be Death Stranding, the latest work of the histrionic Hideo Kojima. The father of Metal Gear Solid was (as usual) very cryptic in the last ...

Death Stranding for everyone thanks to the Very Easy difficulty

Thanks to a tweet by Hideo Kojima, we discover that Death Stranding will have different levels of difficulty, up to the Very Easy to enjoy only the story.

Death Stranding, the first video gameplay at gamescom 2019

A series of new Death Stranding movies was shown by Hideo Kojima himself during gamescom Opening Night Live and, finally, there is also some gameplay. The first major gaming segment seen is ...
Keanu Reeves Death Stranding

Keanu Reeves was about to enter the cast of Death Stranding

When we found out that Keanu Reeves would be in Cyberpunk 2077, a game developed by CD Project RED, we were all pretty happy. What if it had been in Death Stranding? During the San Diego Comic-Con, ...
death stranding

Hideo Kojima revealed the official box art of the regular edition and of the steelbook of ...

In the past few hours, during a panel dedicated to Death Stranding at the San Diego Comic-Con, Hideo Kojima has revealed to the world the official box art of the standard edition and the steelbook of the outgoing game ...
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima will be at San Diego Comic-Con

Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding unfortunately were not present at E3, but perhaps Comic-Con will be the right time to steal more game news. Apparently, the time could turn out to be San Comic-Con ...

Death Stranding, Kojima shares the fundamental dates of production

Finally, Death Stranding has a release date. The game will be the first new work by Hideo Kojima after his separation from Konami, and will represent a fundamental step for the artist's career. Events...

Death Stranding, new trailer and announced release date

Here we are, the wait is finally over. After a full-day livestream on the Twitch Playstation account, a new Death Stranding trailer was finally released. During the reveal time, they were connected ...
Death Stranding

Kojima Productions will show news on Death Stranding the next 29 May

In the past few hours, through the official Twitter profile of Kojima Productions it has been revealed that important news on Death Stranding will be shown next May 29. The latest trailer of the game dates back to the Tokyo Game ...

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima working on a new trailer

Finally, after a long silence, a new trailer dedicated to Death Stranding could be coming, as suggested by Hideo Kojima on Twitter.
Death Stranding

Death Stranding, new details from the Tribeca Film Festival

Hideo Kojima returns to stir our curiosity with new details about Death Stranding at the Tribeca Film Festival. At the Festival, Kojima appeared together with actor and friend Norman Reedus, along with Norman, Kojima explains ...

Fortnite, Epic further postpones Season 3

With a release on its official website, Epic Games announced a new postponement regarding Fortnite's Season 3. These are the words ...

Game Gear Micro, initially there was only one game per model

Game Gear Micro, the retro console announced today by SEGA, initially did not include four titles per model, but only one. Famitsu reveals it in an interview ...

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