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Xbox Scarlett Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer: “Consoles aren't the stars of the show. It's the Xbox ecosystem "

November 10th will be the day of the next-gen Xbox branded, with Series X and Series S finally coming to market. Two consoles called to revive the fortunes of the brand, after an era One ...
BioShock 4

BioShock 4, there will be the first person view

The guys from the Cloud Chamber team have confirmed that BioShock 4 will maintain the first-person view, in line with the other chapters of the series that landed on consoles of the last generation in 2007. The team ...
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X, leak reveals the back of the console

According to what emerged from a post by NeoGaf user, photos of the back of the new flagship of Microsoft, Xbox Series X, seem to be in circulation. The images should unfortunately only show ...

Fast and Furious Crossroads - Here is the trailer of the game on the famous movie series ...

The Game Awards have just ended, the event in which everyone was waiting for announcements on new IPs and important news on the hardware and software side for the next-gen. During the event, Bandai Namco surprised everyone ...
The Stanley parable

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, the narrator of the game responds to fan letters

The Stanley Parable returns to talk about whether, or rather, the title narrator is back to tell us about the next version by responding to fans. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, this is the name of ...

Activision wants to bring all its franchises to mobile

Activision is interested in expanding the number of its mobile games and apparently the company would like to create games for each of their franchises. So Activision is exploring the possibilities and potential of ...

Konami, currently developing a new IP for consoles

Konami is working on a new console project, not yet announced, based on a "well known" IP. But, surprise surprise, this is not a new chapter of Metal Gear Solid, nor of ...
Mad Box

Slightly Mad Studios has problems with the name of its Mad Box console

The software house Slightly Mad Studios, known for the Project CARS series, withdrew the trademark application for their Mad Box console.

Announced Capcom Home Arcade, console with 16 pre-installed games

Koch Media, through a press release, announces the arrival of Capcom Home Arcade, a plug-and-play retro-console arcade stick

Smartphone, PC and finally console, these are the preferences of Italian gamers

AESVI's annual report highlighted the preferences of Italian gamers, who prefer smartphones, PCs and finally consoles.
My Time at Portia arrives on consoles

My Time at Portia arrives on consoles

My Time at Portia is getting ready to land on consoles. The game of Pathea Games turned out to be a pleasant surprise and during its early access period on Steam it had already collected ...

Google presents its gaming platform, Google Stadia

During the 2019 Game Developer Conference, Google has finally revealed the mystery about its console that console is not. Here is Google Stadia.

The Console by Nutaku is the tit-shaped console we all want

Nutaku, publisher specializing in erotic games, has launched a console in the shape of a tit, with pre-installed some games of course with a sexual theme.

Intellivision Friend, a new console that will focus everything on the two dimensions

There is room for a new console, or at least that's what Intellivision Entertainment thinks, which has officially announced the new Intellivision Amico. The name was chosen with the Italian meaning ...

In California, users will have everything they need for do-it-yourself repairs

Consumerism is often seen as something negative and, always wanting to chase the latest technology, leads to "throw" away things that are still working at the first minimum problem, which could be solved in a short time. The...
Backwards compatibility

Spencer: "Backward Compatibility in Video Games"

Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, was recently interviewed by Wired about the release of the new Xbox One X. Speaking of the console, he focused on remembering one of the values ​​that since the Xbox 360 has ...

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will shoot in 4K and 120 FPS ...

In the past few hours Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Microsoft Studios, has announced the arrival of a special update for the next-gen version of Halo: The ...

Does Minecraft become an Esport in China?

Today we did not want to leave you with your face and indignation, so we will raise your morale with a particular news: did you know that Minecraft is also a ...

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