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Bioware wants to stay "100% focused on Anthem"

Bioware has had numerous and big problems with Anthem but the software house has been very clear. The commitment to the game has by no means diminished.
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Anthem, big delays for additional content

Anthem developer BioWare has announced some changes to the program to release the game's extra content.
Anthem Next EA Electronic Arts BioWare Dragon Age

Anthem, Kotaku reveals a very long series of background stories

Kotaku carried out a very long investigation concerning the development of Anthem and all its background, including everything that went wrong.
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Anthem continues to sell very well, Bioware promises improvements

Anthem has certainly not received a warm welcome from users, and in hindsight. Bugs, glitches and technical problems of all kinds plagued and continue to torture Bioware's game which, despite ...
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"Be nice or the developers will stop responding", so BioWare scolds players for ...

After the many complaints of the Anthem players, some developers initially willing to listen to the feedback have pulled back.

Anthem's loot system will be substantially changed in the near future

Anthem, BioWare's latest effort, has received since its release last February 22 several criticisms regarding the loot system of the game, considered by the players as not very satisfying, seen and considered ...
Future Bioware Mass Effect Dragon Age

Bioware interested in realizing new Mass Effect

In 2017, following Mass Effect: Andromeda, a report stated that the franchise would be suspended. Now, BioWare has spoken about its desire to make more games in the series. Mark Darrah, executive producer of ...

Neill Blomkamp presents Conviction, a short film about Anthem

The arrival of Anthem is imminent, and both EA and BioWare are working intensively to increase the hype in anticipation of the debut, for example with the recent trailer. As part of the robust marketing campaign ...

Anthem: the endgame presented on video

A recent video published by Bioware explains in detail what the endgame of its next looter-shooter, Anthem, consists of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh2RHMcfHkg Once the main campaign is completed and the maximum level is reached, players will be able to: Unlock 3 ...

Anthem will stop at 30fps also on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X

Mike Gamble, Anthem's executive producer, said the game will not support 60fps even on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.
Anthem Next EA Electronic Arts BioWare Dragon Age

Anthem will have a demo and for BioWare it should always be like that

Michael Gamble, Anthem's executive producer, said that the demos of the games are very important and that it is a sign of respect towards the players.

Anthem's system requirements have been unveiled

BioWare came to the Consumer Electronics Show in style with a new trailer for Anthem. The information on the upcoming game, however, does not stop there: together with the trailer, in fact, ...

Anthem is shown in a new trailer

During the Nvidia conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, a new and unreleased trailer for Anthem was shown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJo19lIZWJY Inside ...
Anthem beta

BioWare will hold an open beta of Anthem in early February

The closed alpha of Anthem, the multiplayer shooter signed by BioWare, whose arrival is scheduled for the end of February, ended yesterday. If you have not managed to get an invitation to participate in the closed alpha, ...

New Anthem trailer

As part of The Game Awards 2018, Bioware unveiled a new trailer for Anthem. The cinematic footage reveals excerpts from the title story and shows some key characters, including what appears to be ...

Bioware is working on Dragon Age 4

BioWare's Dragon Age series, which has been dormant since 2014, is about to return with a new game. Although, apparently, it seems that there will be a bit of a wait. Dragon Age 4 ...

Pokémon Unite, new information on MOBA is coming today

Pokémon Unite is ready to show up today. New information on the MOBA of Pikachu & Co. is coming The much discussed title, after ...

Redfall, more details on the new Arkane title

At the Xbox E3 conference, Arkane Austin unveiled its new IP titled Redfall, available exclusively on the Microsoft platform from the summer of ...

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