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Apex Legends, revealed the trailer of the fourth season

Today, Respawn Entertainment continues to expand Apex Legends' deep narrative with a new Frontier Stories chapter that sheds light on the backstory of a new legend about to enter the Boundaries of the ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends, two weeks of events are coming with the Grand Soirèe Arcade Event

Respawn invites Apex Legends gamers to the Grand Soirée Arcade Event: from January 14th to 28th the chaos of Apex Legends gets dressed up. With an extraordinarily formal dress code, the large ...
apex legends

Apex Legends, the Global Series is coming

Electronic Arts Inc and Respawn Entertainment today announced the Apex Legends Global Series. The tournament will include online and live events for PC players who will compete for a prize pool ...
apex legends

Apex Legends, new updates coming

EA, from today, has announced new updates, for customizations and opportunities to be discovered. Apex Legends is preparing to shine in the holiday season with a series of updates that include an advancement system ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the new map arrives

Season 3 of Apex Legends is upon us and we have no doubts about which is the most important feature that will be introduced with the next update: a brand new map. In the launch trailer ...

Respawn "will never make an Apex Legends 2"

Apex Legends has often given the idea of ​​being careless and followed by Respawn, the development team. As a regular player, while preferring updates made with rigor and parsimony to those made a lot ...
EA Play 2019 - Apex Legends Season 2 announced

EA Play 2019 - Apex Legends Season 2 announced

During EA Play 2019, Respawn revealed the details of Apex Legends Season 2. The new season of the battle royale will start on July 2nd and will bring with it a series of interesting news. First of all...
Apex Legends, second month of downward gains

Apex Legends, second month of downward gains

Upon launch, Apex Legends immediately achieved huge success. These days however, in the midst of the first Battle Pass, the game of Respawn Entertainment shows a descending earnings index for ...
Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends soon in mobile version

It looks like Apex Legends is about to emulate its Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds counterparts. That is to become a battle royale playable also on mobile devices. The details relating to this type of launch were ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends, Respawn banna over 770.000 cheaters

In the past few hours, the developers of Respawn Entertainment through a post on the official Apex Legends subreddit have updated the community on the countermoves that the studio is taking against in-game cheaters. In accordance to...
Titanium case 2

Respawn refers the new Titanfall to concentrate resources on Apex Legends

In the past few hours the developers of Respawn Entertaiment have published a long post where they talk about the future of the studio, Apex Legends, and the projects in the pipeline, especially the new Titanfall. In accordance to...

Apex Legends, discovered a buff for Gibraltar

Apex Legends has been updated with patch 1.1.1. The update brought with it several changes for the characters of Gibraltar and Caustic, but not all changes were present in the patch notes. Gibraltar and ...
Apex Legends

Apex Legends: let's analyze the new patch

Respawn Entertainment constantly follows Apex Legends to intercept bugs, imbalances and various problems. While taking it easy enough for their resolution and the addition of new content, with this new patch, 1.1.1, Apex ...
Fortnite will add the Respawn Van

Fortnite will add the Reboot Van

Leaked during a stream and then confirmed by the developers themselves in the video found at the bottom of the article, the Reboot Van will make its appearance on the battlefields from the next update. A new mechanic is therefore added to ...

Apex Legends, a penalty coming for those who leave their teammates?

After the release of the latest patch for Apex Legends yesterday, some users have reported receiving penalties for leaving the game when the team was not yet all ...
apex legends

Apex Legends - details on update 1.1

Apex Legends has received a new patch on all platforms. Update 1.1 focuses on quality of life improvements and some bug fixes. In particular, it is now possible to stay in the same ...

Redfall, more details on the new Arkane title

At the Xbox E3 conference, Arkane Austin unveiled its new IP titled Redfall, available exclusively on the Microsoft platform from the summer of ...

GTA Online, in December Rockstar will permanently close the PS3 servers and ...

In the past few hours Rockstar Games has announced through its official website the definitive closure of the PS3 and Xbox 360 servers of GTA Online. The...

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