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BioWare wants to rebuild its reputation

BioWare's 2021 was particularly difficult. The company is not having a good time: it had to file its first major failure with Anthem and has suffered greatly from the aftermath of the pandemic. In a...

Anthem creator leaves BioWare

Jonathan Warner, in mind behind Anthem, announced in a post on his personal Twitter profile that he has quit his job at BioWare. https://twitter.com/Zen_Warner/status/1375447553664151561 "BioWare has been my home for almost 10 years ...
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EA cancels Anthem Next permanently, BioWare will focus all its efforts on Dragon Age ...

Nothing to do: BioWare fans' dream of experiencing Anthem Next firsthand ends here. EA has decided, after various rumors and protests from the fanbase, to cancel the reworking project ...
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Anthem Next, the community support campaign starts

Anthem's fate hangs by a very fine thread. After the failed launch of BioWare's latest RPG, the software house made a commitment to fix the game's structure through the Anthem Next update, but an upcoming meeting ...
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Anthem, we are close to the decision on the future of the Bioware title

Now a year after the announcement of the start of an Anthem rework project, Electronic Arts seems to be finally ready to make a decision on the future of the unfortunate title developed by Bioware. The game arrived in fact ...

Anthem, BioWare shows the rework of the UI

Even if with the headlights off, work on the revamp of Anthem, the looter shooter released almost two years ago and shipwrecked after a few months due to the enormous size ...
Anthem Next BioWare Electronic Arts Community Social Network Twitter Reddit

Anthem Next, according to Bioware, "a long process" will be necessary

There's no denying it, Anthem was the biggest gaming thud of 2019, if not the entire generation. In February, Bioware boss Casey Hudson announced a complete redesign of the title from its foundations, ...
Anthem Next EA Electronic Arts BioWare Dragon Age

Anthem fans celebrate the first year of the game, Bioware continues to fugitive

Anthem turned one year old this weekend but BioWare didn't hold any kind of celebration in the game, on the contrary, it didn't even mention it in a simple social post, absolute zero. THE...

Anthem: Bioware officialises a complete redesign

Anthem is one year old and Bioware is preparing a complete redesign. This is what emerges in a post on the official blog of the software house by Casey Hudson, general manager of Bioware. In the note, Hudson remarks ...
Anthem Next EA Electronic Arts BioWare Dragon Age

Anthem will be heavily refurbished

Anthem was one of the big flops of last year. Bioware's creature ignored fans and critics, showing its side to a shallow and repetitive experience. The developers don't seem to want to stick with ...

Anthem would not have died but would be close to a second life

According to unofficial sources believed to be reliable, Bioware has not abandoned Anthem but is thinking back over the entire structure of the game.
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Anthem producer Ben Irving leaves BioWare

Via his official Twitter account, BioWare's Ben Irving Lead Producer announced he was leaving the company, explaining that this decision comes from accepting another job offer from another development team. Of...

The CEO of EA admits that Anthem has problems

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, admitted in a long and candid interview with GameDaily that Anthem's debut did not go as well as hoped. But Wilson pointed out that EA remains ...
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Anthem - removed the Elysian chest

Anthem is not having a very lucky time. Now, the new 1.1.1 patch scheduled for this week, in addition to fixing some bugs, removes the Elysian chests. The crates inserted by Bioware as a prize ...

Bioware wants to stay "100% focused on Anthem"

Bioware has had numerous and big problems with Anthem but the software house has been very clear. The commitment to the game has by no means diminished.
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Anthem, big delays for additional content

Anthem developer BioWare has announced some changes to the program to release the game's extra content.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - the development of the title proceeds ...

In the past few hours Sarah Arellano (who previously worked at Blizzard and Volition) announced through her Twitter profile that she has officially hired ...

Apex Legends: with Season 14, Hunt, comes the master of ...

Sniper rifles and characters that can reposition themselves well aren't a strange thing for Apex Legends but there never was yet ...

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