If you are a gamer Xbox you will certainly know that - in terms of exclusive first parties - 2022 was a rather poor year. Sure, the Game Pass it is a great opportunity to get hold of a huge catalog of titles that are constantly updated, but compared to its competitors (PlayStation and Nintendo), Microsoft's platform did not surprise that much. Well, according to the words of Phil Spencer the next 12 months of Xbox will be very different.

During an exclusive interview for the Same Brain podcast, the head of the Xbox Game Studios said "It's been a long time since Xbox released a high budget first party game", reiterating the public's continued interest in new releases, regardless of referrals and their causes (COVID or other).

“We are excited for this 2023 and we have already talked about what is to come. The development of these games is progressing and we are now out of the changes that COVID has caused to our production table. As an industry this year we will have far fewer games to offer for the holidays. A new Call of Duty and God of War are on the way and Nintendo has had a good year. But in general I would say we went very light.

But I look forward to 2023 and I think there is a great offer of games coming up that I am very excited about. And thinking about Bethesda's first real Xbox release, with the release of Redfall and Starfield, I'm sure we'll have fun. "