The adventure of nibellion, the well-known Twitter account specializing in sharing and discussion around the latest videogame news. Prior to its closure, the account boasted a user base of ben 400.000 followers, including some well-known faces of the industry such as Jason Schreier e Geoff keighley.

Nibellion Twitter“After some thought, I made the decision to focus my time and energy elsewhere and get away from Twitter. This marks the end of my gaming coverage and platform activity. Thank you all for the fun moments! "

According to one letter later published on his profile Patreon, Nibel explained the reasons for his farewell. Among the causes, difficulties in obtaining profitable support through the crowdfunding platform e doubts about the current management of Twitter after the billionaire bought the platform Elon Musk. Change of management that in recent days has given the opportunity to many troll and shitposter to invade the platform with offensive slur e fake news of each guy.