Sony posted a new job posting on the site Greenhouse, opening the doors to new applications aimed at the creation of a new studio for the production of high-level AAA titles.

The Last of Us Part 2 Naughty Dog Golden Joystick AwardsThe Japanese-American giant is already planning a big project for which the newly born software house (still unnamed) will have to collaborate with two of his most prolific studies: Visual Arts, specializing in the creation of animation, motion capture and cinematics, e N, studio known for the much loved ones Uncharted e The Last of Us.

"Using our first-rate experience and talents, we will ensure a compelling experience that can raise the already high bar of visual quality."

At the moment no further information has been provided on the project, but Sony has specified that “The project already has a clear vision and a release plan pre-established ". Among the various requirements, candidates must have participated in the publication of at least two or more titles AAA.