The Witcher remake CDPRCD Projekt RED revealed somewhat surprisingly one of his projects currently in progress: it is the remake of the first The Witcher.

The project will not be developed directly by the Polish studio but by Fool's Theory, a team composed largely of professionals from CDPR who had already worked on the first chapter of the Geralt saga.

The remake will be made with U and CD Projekt RED will directly supervise the project. This is, to all intents and purposes, the project "Canis Majoris" announced a few weeks ago from the publisher within its strategic roadmap.

"The Witcher is where it all began for us at CDPR" said the leader of the study Adam Badowski, “It was the first game we made and a great moment for all of us. Coming back and doing a remake for the next generation of gamers is just as great, if not more. Collaborating with Fool's Theory is exciting as people previously involved in The Witcher games. They know the source material well, they know how much players have been waiting for a remake, and they know how to make amazing and ambitious games. And even though I know it will take some time before we are ready to share something about the project, I know it will be worth it ”.

Clearly, the game does not have a fixed release date but it is in all likelihood at an extremely early stage of development and will not see the light for a few years.