Through a post published on the official game blog, SEGA and Amplitude Studios have announced the postponement of the console version of HUMANKIND, the management title released on PC (Steam / Epic Games) in 2020.

According to what shared by the publisher, the game will not see the light (for now) on PS4, PS5 and Xbox due to some "Unique difficulties" reported during development at Amplitude Studios and Aspyr. As such, SEGA is not yet able to provide an actual release date.

“We have to share some bad news with you: we and our partners at Aspyr Media faced unexpected difficulties when porting HUMANKIND to consoles and should postpone the release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. until further notice. We know this will be frustrating for many of you,
but we believe this delay is for the best,
to give you the best possible console experience.

If you are among those who have pre-ordered HUMANKIND on consoles, don't panic! You can take advantage of the possibility of get a refund on your purchase, always depending on the internal policies of digital stores (PS Store and Microsoft Store.)