It has arrived that time of the week. The one in which Free is Beautiful back to improve your libraries with new ones free games offered by the Epic Games Store. This week, the horrendous and the irreverent mix in an unmissable offer.


“Darkwood provides a new perspective on survival horror. Discover and explore a rich and ever-changing world, then crouch in your hiding place and pray for the morning light to come. As the night passes, the lines between reality and nightmare fantasies are intertwined. Are you ready to face Darkwood? "

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!

“ToeJam and Earl crashed back to Earth in ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove !, a unique adventure that beats to the beat of old-school hip-hop and is filled with references to the original 1991 episode. Funk Lord (and co-creator) Greg Johnson is once again at the helm of the sequel that all ToeJam and Earl fans have been waiting for for years! "

Offers will be redeemable until next time 20 October 2022 at 17:00.