In recent years we have seen something of a change in hierarchies in the relationship between digital stores and game publishers from explicit content. If at first Steam and PlayStation had no problem releasing games with a bit spicy dynamics (games that, among other things, we have brought you more and more in the column Bad Taste games), recently these two have over and over again limited the appearance of these titles, with Sony even going as far as do not publish them in the trunk.

On the other hand, Nintendo, which is considered by many a family-friendly platform, began to approve and publish on the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo Switch increasingly winking and red light titles, within certain limits of course (gore, raw violence etc.) However it seems that even the Kyoto house seems willing to loosen the grip on the public of "true connoisseurs".

According to what revealed by gamuzumi, well-known publisher of titles Eroge mainly present on the portal of Nutaku, Nintendo would again changed its policies on acceptable explicit content on Nintendo eShop, following the arrival of some emails related to the disapproval of their latest game Hot Tentacle Shooter released on Nutaku last 5 September 2022.

“It appears that Nintendo is increasing its restrictions on what may or may not be released on their consoles. We submitted our game for final approval and after a month we still haven't received an answer, but we have received an email that would suggest that "maybe" the game is not within their policies. "

At the moment, the publisher has requested another approval of the game, proposing one censored version that goes to cover the naked bodies of the undressable damsels during the gameplay of Hot Tentacles Shooter, in the hopes of releasing the game and perhaps finding out what content can from now on be allowed on the Switch.