With the success of Monster Hunter World e Monster hunter rise the arrival of titles was inevitable hunting-like they could ride the wave and reinvent the CAPCOM game formula, offering hunting fans a valid alternative.

And then GOD EATER and Dauntless, too Electronic Arts is ready to "throw yourself into the fray of monsters" with wild hearts.

“We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between EA Originals, KOEI TECMO and the Omega Force studio for the development of the next great hunting game. This original game will offer a triple A experience set in feudal Japan with fantasy tones.
We look forward to sharing more details on this exciting new title later this month. "

Unlike the CAPCOM series, Wild Hearts would base its gameplay on the use not only of the classics sidearms like Katanas or bow and arrows, but also through the use of Karakuri, mechanical devices that in Wild Hearts act through magical properties and are able to create turrets, traps or means of transport to facilitate the player's experience. For more information, please follow the presentation of the official gameplay scheduled for October 5, 2022.