Enotria: The Last SongDuring the Tokyo Game Show 2022 was finally shown the first trailer di Enotria: The Last Song, the first effort of the Italian studio Jyamma Games. The title was formerly known as Project Galileo.

Enotria: The Last Song is an action RPG that openly tries to blend the gameplay and style of Dark Souls with Italian culture and folklore. What derives from the first images is yes a title to be verified precisely from the point of view of the gameplay, but which immediately appears extremely inspired by the artistic one.

As explained by the development team, contrary to what has been done by many of the projects that have tried to emulate the From Software saga also from the point of view of dark fantasy atmospheres, Enotria (ancient name in pre-Christian times of a region that included some parts of the current Campania, Basilicata and Calabria) presents an immersed game world "In the typical colors of an Italian summer", resulting in what Jyamma Games calls a "Summer Soul".

All that remains is to await further more detailed information on this all-Italian souls-like which, for now, does not yet have an official release date and is in full development work.