Meanwhile, the players debate the recent list price increase on PlayStation 5, Sony seems to have begun the distribution of a new model.

PlayStation 5

According to a new repor published by Press Start, who were the first to get in touch with retailers, this new CFI-1202A model would be released in Australia well in advance of all other markets, which should put this revision up for sale by September 15th.

From the first analyzes, this new version of the Sony console would have from its a reduced weight of at least 5kg, both on the model with Blu-Ray player and in the model "All digital".

Here is a brief overview of the models released so far and disclosed by Videogame Chronicles:

PS5 Standard Edition

  • CFI-1000A (launch) - 4.5kg
  • CFI-1100A (2021) - 4.2kg
  • CFI-1200A (2022) - 3.9kg

PS5 Digital Edition

  • CFI-1000B (launch) - 3.9kg
  • CFI-1100B (2021) - 3.6kg
  • CFI-1200B (2022) - 3.4kg