Today, Sony opened a new section of the PlayStation official site dedicated to PC ports of its first party games. Inside it is not only possible to find out more about the titles out or coming up on Steam ed epic Games, but you can also consult a section of FAQ dedicated to various topics related to price, the controls and above all the achievements and any saved games synchronized with your PSN account.

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Although at the moment PlayStation games on PC do not implement any login system with the PlayStation Network, some answers on the page would suggest a possible Sony's change of direction in the future.

"At the moment you don't need a PSN account to enjoy PlayStation games on PC"

It is therefore very likely that Sony - also following the large investment in the PC platform in recent years - will follow the plot of Electronic Arts, Ubisoft e Microsoft, thus going to get a new slice of subscribers to their own Skills even outside of their own consoles PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5.