Peebs is a person like all of us. Every day she wakes up, has a job and in her spare time she nurtures her passion for video games streaming his games for the Super Nintendo (SNES) sharing the gaming experience with his followers.

However, one day, during one of his live sessions, the good Peebs asked himself the following question: where can I consult the manuals of these games? Sure, tools like Google help us find everything we need, but that doesn't imply the absence of multiple searches, which could even lead to a dead end.

Moved by the need to find and preserve an archive dedicated to the manuals of one of the most important consoles in the medium, Peebs has taken the responsibility of creating its own archive and making it available to everyone within its site. Well, after many years of research, his work is done.

Through the contribution of several scattered users, the site SNES Manuals. com packs well 840 manuals in English dedicated to Super Nintendo titles, archived in alphabetical order and available for viewing and downloading via the platform

“We couldn't have done it without the help of all of you. On Twitter, Discord, Reddit. By spreading the word and tracing manuals here and there. In two years we have gone from 52% to 100%. "

And now? According to what can be seen on the site, the next targets of Peebs' archivist hunger would be the Super Famicom, Nintendo 64 e Virtual Boy. But as the user himself has already anticipated, these jobs will still take some time to complete.