The PlayStation State of Play was also the site of the release of a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, the last chapter of the historic fighting series by CAPCOM. Unlike the first "clumsy" ad, widely criticized for the use of pre-made logos, what was seen during the Sony event was a pure gameplay video.

“With a history spanning 35 years, Street Fighter has brought ever new gaming experiences to multiple generations of gamers. With arcade mode, online matches, training mode, local Versus clashes and more (present within the Fighting Ground), our intention is to keep the modes of the previous titles, also introducing two fantastic new features called World Tour and Battle Hub, to offer an unprecedented gaming experience in Street Fighter 6. "

In terms of gameplay pad in hand, this new chapter will introduce the new mechanics of the Drive Impact, a bar dedicated to the management of special shots, parry and counterattacks. It will be up to the player to hone their skills in using the five techniques around the Drive Impact in order to hope to win during the competitions sports, in what promises to be the definitive game for the Street Fighter community.