Xbox OneAccording to a report published by The Verge, Xbox One has been officially discontinued for quite some time. Microsoft has in fact put an end to it, for all versions of the console, at the end of 2020

"To focus on Xbox Series X | S production, we have discontinued Xbox One production at the end of 2020" confirmed to the American newspaper Cindy walker, Xbox's senior director of marketing, finally dispelling any doubts.

In reality, the news will not surprise the most attentive: already in the month before the release of the new generation Microsoft consoles, One X and One S All Digital had become essentially unavailable in the main distribution channels, to which only the last stocks remained to be disposed of. The One S with reader, on the other hand, remained available for a few more weeks, before disappearing shortly after the launch of the new hardware.

Phil Spencer on the other hand, it was quite clear, simply talking about two years of additional support for the older generation machine. Support that actually has been there (just think of the cross-gen launch of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, in addition to the arrival on the Xbox Cloud Gaming console), but which obviously does not imply that the Redmond house is still willing to bet on One.

Microsoft's strategy therefore, despite appearances, has always been to accelerate the transition process towards the new generation right from the start, at least as regards the production of consoles. More than a year after the start of the same, it is rather curious to see how it was Microsoft that made the leap faster than its main competitor given that Sony, initially projected with decision towards PS5, recently decided to return to focus heavily on PS4 production to compensate for the lack of availability of its new machines.