After the announcement last September, Nintendo recently released a new trailer for Kirby and the lost land, the last effort of HAL Laboratory starring the famous pink mascot. The title will come out on Nintendo Switch the next March 25 2022.

In this new trailer, some gameplay sections have been shown, which confirm the passage of HAL Laboratory to a design from 3D platform, together with two new upgrades: The Cleaning for ranged attacks and the Drill, dedicated to underground ambushes.

The game will feature Kirby and his new friend Elfilin explore this mysterious ruined land and where a criminal group called Beast Pack started kidnapping all the Waddle Dees. Saving enough Waddle Dees, the two little friends will unlock new activities to be carried out inside the central hub, like new minigames o gacha machines full of collectibles. The trailer finally concluded with the arrival of Goal knight, Kirby's arch rival and that we will probably see again as a possible boss fight to face.