In the last months of the year we have seen a particular interest - on the part of some giants of the videogame market - towards NFTs. From Ubisoft a Konami, up to the letter from Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, all of them have started or will begin to experiment with technologies dedicated to blockchain.

However, all of these announcements and initiatives have been received with much skepticism by the communities, who still do not look favorably on the functioning of these certifications, net of the actual environmental risks related to the blockchain.

And it is precisely on this initial feedback that the leaders SEGA they recently discussed during the last one managerial meeting documented by Tweak Town.

Sonic primeAccording to the portal, the CEO of SEGA Haruki Satomi he would begin to define some limitations on their initial approach to NFTs, through a collaboration with the firm double jump .tokyo and announced in April 2021.

“As for NFTs, we would like to try various experiments and we have already started several studies and considerations, without expressing any decisions regarding Play2Earn. Lately there have been several announcements related to them even overseas, but there are users who have shown a negative reaction. We need to make sure several things like the need to mitigate their negative elements, how much we can act within Japanese regulations. What will be accepted or not accepted by users. Finally, we will consider further whether it will contribute to our mission of Constant and Always Captivating Creation. But if it were perceived as a simple economic model, I would like to be able to choose not to continue further. "