Through a tweet, Capcom has revealed the Street Fighter 35th Anniversary logo, the arcade fighting series that started way back 1987 right in the arcades, to then become a real world phenomenon in 1991 with the release of Street Fighter II and its countless expansions. In the tweet, the software house hinted at the arrival of further developments for the series.

“Street Fighter will celebrate its 2022th Anniversary in 35. We have created a logo to celebrate this anniversary with you. Stay tuned for future developments of the Street Figther series. "

At the moment, the last two releases dedicated to the series have been Street Fighter V on PC and PS4, a title that has received well since its release in 2016 5 Season Pass and up to 2000 additional content, e Street Figther 30th Anniversary Collection, a collection of 12 chapters starring (in most cases) Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and all the characters that populate the world of street fights.