Christmas is upon us and like every year hundreds of people are thinking of giving their children, boyfriends or husbands a new console and among those currently on the market, Nintendo Switch is the console that continues to sell more than bread. Precisely for this, however, Nintendo expects a real assault on their servers and warns its users of the arrival of any malfunctions.

“This weekend, access to servers will focus on creating Nintendo Accounts, and we expect these accounts will not be created immediately. If you are considering using a Nintendo Switch family console for the first time, we recommend that you create a new account in advance. "

A bit like in the case of Final Fantasy XIV, the huge success of Nintendo Switch has also led to this kind of unexpected event in conjunction with the holidays and the company expects the arrival of further malfunctions to the servers of services such as the Nintendo eShop (as happened last year) and many others. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for the Kyoto house, stopping the sale of the console as Square Enix did for its MMORPG is not a conceivable idea.