Playstation Plus Mortal Shell GodfallThe month of December is proving stingy with satisfactions for subscribers Playstation Plus. After the controversy arising from the version of Godfall provided, which allows you to play only its endgame, others have been added regarding Mortal Shell.

The soulsborne made by Cold Symetry it is in fact the other flagship title included in this month's lineup, but this too has been provided in a version that Playstation Plus users have not particularly appreciated.

It is not in fact the Enhanced Edition, which guarantees graphics improvements, stable 60 fps and resolution up to 4K, but of the old one PS4 version available in backward compatibility. A discovery that left a bad taste in the mouth of users, especially in light of the impossibility of carrying out theupgrade free on PS5, not provided for this version.

Mortal Shell, as well as Godfall - Challenger Edition and LEGO DC Super Villains are available to all Playstation Plus subscribers starting today.