There are just under 24 hours to go before the official launch of Halo Infinite, the last effort of 343 Industries that will put us again in the shoes (or in the armor) of the most famous Spartan in the universe, and thanks to the reviews that are appearing on the net, we have some extra news regarding the structure of the game.

A rather peculiar novelty compared to the previous chapters of the brand is that the main missions of the Halo Infinite campaign they will not be replayable once completed, if not obviously starting a new game from scratch.

The decision is undoubtedly the result of the structure openworld of the new Halo, however 343 has already revealed that it wants to design a Update in the future that can allow to relive the missions of history. Hoping, therefore, that this feature can arrive as soon as possible (as well as the possibility of playing in co-op), we just have to wait for tomorrow to put our hands on the new epic of Master Chief.