Titanfall is a game that in recent years has been torn apart by technical problems related to the multiplayer component. In fact, for some time now, the players have been calling for some intervention on the part of Respawn Entertainment in order to decrease the number of DDoS attacks to matchmaking servers, at point from boycott Apex Legends in protest. However, this problem never was a priority for the developer and probably it never will be.

In fact, through this note published on Twitter, Respawn announced the immediate removal of Titanfall from digital stores, with a removal of the title from EA Play scheduled for March 2022. Obviously, the servers will remain active, but given the problems highlighted above, this remains a "sop" that is anything but exciting.

Likewise, the developer reiterates how “Titanfall is part of the company's DNA and this universe will continue to exist ”, despite previous statements from EA top management who see the arrival of a Titanfall 3 unlikely.