Daybreak DC Universe Online, Dimensional Ink MarvelIn an investor presentation, Dimensional Ink (DC Universe Online Responsible Study) revealed that it is working on a new licensed MMO The Marvel movies. However, this is a project at an extremely early stage and should not see the light for a few years.

Dimensional Ink is a studio that is part of Daybreak which, in turn, was acquired in 2020 by Enad Global 7. And just by examining presentation available online you can find out how the project is headed by Jack Miller, co-founder of Cryptic Studios and designer of City of Heroes, currently at the helm of DC Universe Online, or the MMO dedicated to the rival brand.

Within the aforementioned presentation there is also information on the future strategies of other Daybreak titles, on all Lord of the Rings Online: these, with the upcoming arrival of the Amazon TV series dedicated to Middle-earth, will be profoundly renewed with a significant graphic revamp designed to modernize its experience and prepare it for launch on consoles.