Yacht Club Games and the developer WINE have finally communicated the official release date of the sympathetic spin off Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. The puzzle adventure will arrive on PS4, PC and Switch on 13th December.

The new title will see the timeless genre of block puzzle games combined with Shovel Knight's adorable medieval aesthetic. Players will be able to choose between our spade-wielding hero or nine other characters from the series and then make their way through dungeons, battling armies of monsters and bosses and earning a whole lot of sparkling loot, all accompanied by an all-new soundtrack of the series. composer performed by Shovel Knight's official composer, Jake Kaufman. Just below you can see the trailer dedicated to the game.

VINE and Yacht Club Games have been working on Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon for some time now and the release date was highly anticipated by all fans. The Shovel Knight universe is full of interesting and funny characters, which can easily be used in titles of different genres. Fans of Shovel Knight would undoubtedly appreciate a new platform adventure of the main vein, for that we just have to wait and hope for new news from Yacht Club Games.