Both Xbox that the franchise of Halo perform 20 years e Microsoft celebrated birthdays with special events. Thanks to a new experience, players now have the opportunity to explore a virtual museum and learn about the history of Halo, Xbox as well as their personal history on the platform.

Sul Xbox 20th anniversary website, fans can access the Xbox Museum. In this digital living room we see a table full of all Microsoft consoles as well as games from the Halo and Gears series. These products serve as the gateway to a handful of different virtual museums. For example, in the section dedicated to Halo it starts with the launch of Combat Evolved in 2001 and then continues to the present day, also exploring the publications of the comics, the limited edition consoles as well as the various main titles and spin-offs of the franchise. .

Separate museums for each console show us the evolution of platforms, from the original Xbox up to the Series S / X. What's really cool is the personal section, where you can find details of what players have done on Xbox consoles, including their first login date, as well as their most played title ever along with a host of other information. that we will let you discover.