Hitman 3 it's been out for nearly a year and has already received several updates and additional content and year 2 is shaping up to be just as big.

The software house IO Interactive today released a new blog post which detailed the first year of the game. IO revealed that Hitman 3 is the most successful game of all time and that his trilogy has reached the milestone of 50 millions of players. He also revealed that Year 2 will begin in less than two months.

“Hitman 3 - Year 2 will begin on [January 20, 2022] with confirmed post-launch support for another 12 months. New maps, stories, modes and ways to play are all scheduled for 2022, which is set to be another exciting year. "

The title will also see the arrival of an update that will introduce ray tracing on PC as well as that for VR, arriving in January, and a new Arcade Elusive Targets mode.

“A new way to play Elusive Targets comes to Hitman 3 in a brand new game mode we will call Elusive Targets Arcade. Prepare for the ultimate Elusive Target challenge with an established formula change. All content in Elusive Targets Arcade will be a permanent addition to the game. Full details on how this game mode works will be shared in early January 2022 ”.

The post ends with the announcement of a "major game update" planned for spring 2022. No other details have been provided apart from the image you see below.