It is no secret that the legendary game director Hideo Kojima is a huge fan of media that go far beyond video games (just see his profile Instagram to get an idea), and in the past he himself has revealed that he wants to try his hand at first-hand productions that range from the medium to which he has always accustomed us.

Kojima Productions

Well it is just a few hours ago that the news Kojima Productions has opened a new office in Los Angeles in California, which will have the task of expanding the vision and projects of the master in addition to videogame productions. To announce the opening of the branch was Riley Russell, who after 28 years of work at PlayStation will head the US division of Kojima Productions, with the aim of developing products (always in line with the intellectual properties of the parent company) relating to tv series, cinema and also music.

We just have to wait for official news on what is cooking for the future projects of the American division of Kojima Productions (maybe a series on Death Stranding with Norman Reedus himself is on the way?).