And while my dog ​​is enjoying the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta, too, it's very close to the release of the game. single player campaign of the latest Master Chief adventure, scheduled forDecember 8 2021. And speaking of the single player mode, the designers of 343 Industries revealed some background in a recent interview for VGC.

During the interview, the character director Stephen Dyck revealed that, compared to previous chapters, the game and its difficulty they have been designed starting from the Normal Difficulty, in order to promote a fun experience even for the newbies to the series.

“Usually, Halo has always been developed from Heroic difficulty, and we did the same with Halo 4 and Halo 5. We then balance it all out and scale it up a bit for Legendary, Normal and Easy difficulty. This time around, we spent a lot more time on standard difficulty, expecting new players to arrive. "

However, the creative director Paul Crocker mentioned the existence of a golden path, which is the most effective way to continue the narrative. A path that, if ignored, will lead to more demanding and satisfying challenges.