- NFT (Non-fungible token) are now on everyone's lips, starting with artistic field until you get to ours videogame sector. In fact, in recent months, some of the most important software houses have been expressed (positively and negatively) on this new technology based on blockchain. Among these, today it has also been added Microsoft via an interview with the head of the division Xbox Phil Spencer.

NFT Xbox Scarlett Phil SpencerDuring the chat with the editorial staff of Axios, good Phil showed a particular concern on the actual applications of NFTs and above all on the role in the gaming industry based on collecting unique items based on this technology.

"What I can say about NFTs today is that I think there is a lot of speculation and experimentation, and that a lot of the games I see around today are based more on exploitation than entertainment."

Unlike many, however, the leader of the green team does not totally reject the idea, hoping for a future in which this technology can actually improve the videogame experience.

“I don't think all NFT games are like this, but I think we're only at the beginning of our journey to understand their place in the industry. However, I think that any material in our stores that has some kind of exploitation is something that needs our intervention. We don't want that kind of content. "

What do you think? NFTs can be applied in contexts playfully ethical or they are like the hated so much microtransactions and lootboxes and therefore inclined to any abuse?