Il Ricochet team, the developers behind the system of the same name Anti-Cheat included with the most recent titles in the saga of Call of Duty has updated its own Policy related to the safety of their players, by publishing a note on the Support page Call of Duty: Vanguard official.

Call of Duty Vanguard Anti-Cheat Activision BanIn short, the new update of these policies provides - if caught in their cheating activities - to a banhammer with a variable duration, and ranging from 48 hours al indefinitely. Also, if necessary, permanent suspensions they might outsource to all games in the Call of Duty series, past (MW3, BO2, Infinity War etc.), present (Vanguard and Warzone) and future.

Obviously, this kind of penalty will not be applied by eye and in any case of cheating. See it how the last resort of Team Ricochet in the fight against foul play.

“All of our anti-cheat efforts are focused on fighting rogue players and protecting the gaming experience. Releasing this update to servers as part of the Ricochet Anti-Cheat system is the first step in making life as difficult as possible for cheaters. "