Since its implementation a few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch Online Add-on Pack has received several criticisms from a large slice of users of the hybrid platform, including controversies related to the price and above all related to emulation of titles for Nintendo 64. And after statements of Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, also Doug Bowser of Nintendo of America took the opportunity to respond to some of these criticisms in his latest interview with The Verge.

During the interview, Bowserone claimed to be aware issues related to emulation on Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive and confirms Furukawa's previous statements regarding the improvements to the service.

“We are constantly working on improving our online features and games, as well as adding value with new services and games to come in the future. We take user feedback very seriously, and are thinking of ways to improve the experience. For us, quality and content are our priority. "

What do you think? At the moment Nintendo Switch Online continues to have more and more defects that come every day pilloried from the public. What could the Kyoto house do for save the day?