Halo Infinite multiplayerHalo Infinite has an official release date set for the next one 8th December, but it seems there may be some sensational surprise on the horizon. According to some regular Halo leakers, in fact, the multiplayer sector could be published in advance. More precisely it is indicated Monday 15 November as a crucial day, which will coincide with the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the first chapter of the series.

The account HaloDotApi did not leave much room for interpretations, tweeting that date accompanied by the title "Heroes of Reach" and the cover of Halo Infinite multiplayer. In a subsequent post, the leaker claimed that he will donate $ 100 to a random follower if the rumor turns out to be wrong. It is not known whether it is concrete information or a mere wish, the fact is that in the following hours also other leakers have bet on this date. All that remains is to wait for next Monday to find out if it really is 343 Industries and Microsoft will decide to celebrate twenty years of Halo: Combat Evolved with what would be a rather surprising gift for lovers of the Master Chief saga.