return, an exclusive title for PlayStation 5 developed by Housemarque, was a title well received by both the public and critics, but obviously there were some criticisms. The exclusive was released in April and was known for her challenging combat and merciless difficulty, as per tradition for roguelikes. Therefore, following the continuous complaints of users, the Returnal experience has been made a little easier with update 2.0, that adds the ability to manually save and load the game.

The software house spoke in detail about the new update in a post on the PlayStation blog earlier this morning. This rescue system is called “Suspend Cycle”. This will allow players to stop the game mid-cycle and resume it later, even if they turn off the console. It is clearly not usable indefinitely. The save point is in fact disposable. It will not be possible to repeatedly reload a save point in case of death, also in order not to totally distort the very idea of ​​the title.


This update also adds the photo mode. Returnal Update 2.0 is available now at no additional cost.