Let's go talk about FIFA but, contrary to the past times in which we have told you about the various scandals e lawsuits related to the modality Ultimate Team, today we will talk about a rumor related to the official license agreement between the developer Electronic Arts (EA Sports) and the actual Swiss football organization.

According to the New York Times, a few weeks after the release of the latest edition of the FIFA 22 game, the two sides would return to renegotiate its own agreements, with EA it may have met a wall in his way.

FIFA 21 EAGate Electronic Arts Thumbnail Ultimate TeamIn fact, according to the rumor, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association he would be thinking of increasing his own tassa on your license, until you reach the figure of ben 2.5 billion dollars, as well as a limit the freedom of Electronic Arts of expand the brand well beyond the video playedorganizing export events and focusing on the growing popularity of NFT.

Meanwhile, the same General Manager of EA Sports Cam Weber has recently stated that the company would be re-evaluating the idea of ​​changing the name of the franchise, coming to register the new brand EA Sports FC, while maintaining the current agreements with FIFPro lobby, the organization dedicated to the management of likeness of the players professionals under their name.

In short, what should fans of the series expect? We can not help but wait for the possible expiration of the license, expected by the end of the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.